Good day! My name is Jami and welcome to my website/blog. I am honored that you stopped by.

Passion: I have been in the legal field for over thirty years. I have a passion for the legal system and how it works. Although for the majority of my stint in the legal field, I have been employed as paralegal, I have always loved the trial.

As a legal professional your entire case leads up to the trial. All of the hard work has been done and now it’s up to the attorneys on both sides, to take what you have thus far, and make your case.

In this blog, I plan on providing an unbiased look at some cases I find interesting. I intend to provide the facts and you, as the reader, can make your own opinions about a Defendant or maybe the victim.

Caveat: I am a mother of four children. Of course, I have an opinion on each case that you see on my blog. Of course, these cases are devastating. I give my word, that I will never sensationalize a case, nor post any photos, just true facts from court documents filed. My intent is fact based.

I welcome your opinions or if you have an interesting case that you would like me to research, you may email me at:

Thank you! Jami K


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi, Jami…happy to follow your blog. I am a career law enforcement officer with 20+ years under the badge. For nine years I worked as an agent for the State of South Carolina and the state General Sessions Court. Part of my job was to present cases in the courtroom and I absolutely loved my times in court. I look forward to reading your posts and your comments on the cases.

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